History of Wildlife Habitat

“Good luck with that!” they said.  “Why build a rainforest when there’s a real one just up the road?!!”

Fast forward 30 years, and the answer is still the same: Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas offers a rare and genuine opportunity for visitors to observe and interact with the wildlife of Tropical North Queensland in a full immersion experience; meaning that visitors can walk freely amongst eight acres of lovingly recreated ecosystems and natural habitats up close and personal with some of Australia’s most exquisite, elusive and iconic native wildlife.

Wildlife Habitat’s rich history began over three decades ago in 1989, when it first opened as the Rainforest Habitat on the site of an old cane field.

Here’s a little overview of our history over the last three decades:

1989- Rainforest Habitat Opens

1990s- The Iconic Breakfast With The Birds Began

1996- The Clinton’s Paid a Visit

And a media frenzy began when a Koala Joey was named after their daughter Chelsea.

1998- Park Received Eco Accreditation

Cementing itself as a pioneer in eco tourism.

2001- First Successful Black Necked Stork Breeding

Our Black Necked Storks, James and Jabbie, had a total of 19 chicks between 2001 and 2018.

2001- Wildlife Care Centre Established

It was established to look after sick, orphaned and injured native wildlife.

2005- The CaPTA Group Acquires Rainforest Habitat

Charlie and Pip Woodward, who began their family business in 1976 when they opened Rainforestation Nature Park in Kuranda, acquire the Rainforest Habitat as part of the CaPTA Group (Cairns and Port Trips and Attractions).

2006- World’s First Successful Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo Breeding

Alongside this, Nail Tail Wallabies were introduced to the park, meaning that the park now had the most diverse range of macropods in Queensland.

2009- International Volunteer Program Is Introduced

2010- Rainforest Habitat changes name to Wildlife Habitat

2012- The Savannah Habitat Opens

Alongside this, WildNIGHT Nocturnal Tours and the Junior Keepers school holiday program began.

2013- Your Wildlife Habitat Private Tours Began

These personalised, private tours offered a premium experience for guests.

2015- Stork Tower Built

2018- Tropical Animal Rehabilitation Centre (TARC) Is Established

The Wildlife Care Centre became non-profit facility TARC.

2018- Predator Plank Opens

2019- Nocturnal Habitat Opens


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