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Striped Possum: 10 Incredible Facts

The Striped Possum (Dactylopsila trivirgata) has to be one of Tropic North Queensland’s most adorable nocturnal critters. With a signature black and white striped pattern and a distinct bushy tail, this skunk-like possum is a must-see for any Marsupial lover. Today we share ten incredible facts about the adorable striped possum. 1. The Striped Possum […]

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Pathway of Pythons: New Snake Attraction!

Ready to get up close to some unique, giant and sssstunning snakes? Slither on down to Wildlife Habitat and check out our brand new Pathway of Pythons. This stunning new snake attraction is truly off the scale, with new slithery residents including Jungle, Olive, Amethystine, Water and Black Headed Pythons. Life is short and the […]

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National Volunteer Week 2019: Beach Clean Up

Not all super heroes wear capes! National Volunteer Week 2019 celebrates Australia’s volunteers that give up their time to make the world just that little bit lovelier. Wildlife Habitat’s volunteers have the eco power of Captain Planet and Captain Eco Combined! On Saturday, they took their skills out of the park and onto a stunning […]


Wildlife Safe After Sunday Weather Event

A clean up is underway at Australia’s leading wildlife experience, Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, following the impact of ex-cyclone Owen on the Tropical North over the weekend. Wildlife Manager Rabecca Lynch said thankfully no wildlife had been harmed during the storm. “As we continue our clean up, we are working closely with Bio-security Queensland and […]