Wildlife Habitat

Community Support

Wildlife Habitat contributes towards Port Douglas Community Support and works with various organisations, local community groups, animal conservation initiatives and more.

Wildlife Habitat supports organisations such as Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Centre, The Tree-Kangaroo and Mammal Group, The School for Field Studies, TARC, COUCH and a number of other local charities.

Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Centre

Tree Roo Rescue and Conservation Centre (TRRACC) is a non-profit organisation that rescues and rehabilitates, orphaned or displaced Australian tree kangaroos for release back into the wild or for life in captivity as breeding animals for education and conservation in zoos. They also wish to educate the public and increase awareness of Australian tree kangaroo conservation and the threats that bring them into care such as dogs and cars.

The Tree-Kangaroo and Mammal Group

The Tree-Kangaroo and Mammal Group (TKMG) through membership and attendance at community meetings. TKMG is an incorporated community group based on the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland, Australia, made up of local residents interested in, and concerned for, the conservation of North Queensland’s rich mammal fauna.

The School for Field Studies

The School for Field Studies creates transformative study abroad experiences through field-based learning and research. Our educational programs explore the human and ecological dimensions of the complex environmental problems faced by our local partners, contributing to sustainable solutions in the places where we live and work. The SFS community is part of a growing network of individuals and institutions committed to environmental stewardship. Wildlife Habitat supports students with opportunities to work with various animal species in order to achieve their practical experience.


Cairns Organisation United for Cancer Health (COUCH) was established as an action group in 2006 by the CaPTA Group’s founders Charles and Pip Woodward. It was inspired by Cairns resident Liz Plummer and her battle for better oncology services in Cairns. After much rallying and support from the community, the Liz Plummer Cancer Care Centre opened in 2011.

Charles and Pip Woodward continued COUCH to rally for better cancer care services for Far North Queensland locals and opened the COUCH Care Centre in 2019 on land donated by the Woodward family.

COUCH continues to advocate for better services for those diagnosed with cancer. Visit to find out more.


The Tropical Animal Rehabilitation Centre (TARC) is a non-profit facility that cares for injured sick, displaced and orphaned wildlife, with an on-site care centre at Wildlife Habitat. It was established by the CaPTA Group’s Woodward family in 2018 with help from the Walter and Eileen Leder Foundation.

The facility relies solely on donations for its operation and the Woodward family continue to donate a substantial amount of money each year to ensure the rehabilitation of native Australian wildlife.

Local Community

Wildlife Habitat is committed to proving Port Douglas community support. We enjoy our annual commitment to Port Douglas community events and support and celebrate the following:

  • Port Douglas Surf Life Saving Club
  • Port Douglas Carnivale
  • Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre Family FUNDay
  • Visits to local schools – educational talks and fairs
  • Over 150 vouchers to support local charities and community organisations
  • MAKE-A-WISH Foundation support – special visits for terminally ill children and their families
  • Mossman Show Day
  • World Cassowary Day
  • National Threatened Species Day