Advanced-Eco Certified

The Advanced Eco-Certified Wildlife Habitat is a wildlife immersion exhibit – an open and interactive environment for guests and animals to mingle in a spacious natural setting. Visitors wander along elevated boardwalks, observing up close a huge range of flora and fauna as birds fly and animals roam freely.  The park is a quality ecotourism experience and product which has minimal impact on the natural environment.

What Is Eco Certification?

The ECO Certification program assures travellers that certified products are backed by a strong, well-managed commitment to sustainable practices and provides high-quality nature-based tourism experiences.

In 1998, the Wildlife Habitat received Advanced Ecotourism accreditation through Ecotourism Australia (EA).  This accreditation is issued to an organisation to highlight its commitment to providing a quality ecotourism experience and product that has minimal impact on the natural environment.

In 2018, Wildlife Habitat was inducted into the Ecotourism Australia Hall of Fame for being Eco Certified for 20 years. This recognises Wildlife Habitat as paving the way for ecotourism and positive environmental practices.

In gaining Advanced Ecotoursim Accreditation, EA requires the Wildlife Habitat to:

  • Contribute to conservation of biodiversity
  • Sustain the wellbeing of local people
  • Include in its product an interpretation and educational experience
  • Involve responsible action on the part of tourists and the tourism industry
  • Encourage local participation
  • Require the lowest possible consumption of non-renewable resources

Environmental commitments in practice

  • Oil waste is contained and recycled as biodiesel
  • Redundant cardboard is used locally and recycled
  • Guests are encouraged to use alcohol foam to minimise water usage
  • Green waste is recycled into mulch and is used throughout the park as a weed retardant and to maintain moisture within the soil
  • We grow over 1000 Eucalypt trees onsite to feed our resident koalas.  This prevents us from having to travel long distances to collect from the wild and contributes to reducing our carbon footprint
  • Effluent and bore water is used for irrigation in non-public areas and koala food plantations
  • Scrap paper is recycled in animal enclosures and in the Wildlife Care Centre
  • Where possible we produce our own food items for the animals by breeding or growing our own

Wildlife Habitat is Advanced Eco-Certified, for us, including the above, it also means offering strong interpretation values, a commitment to nature conservation and helping local communities.

Advanced Eco-Certified - Advanced Ecotourism Certified

Advanced Eco-Certified - Agile Wallaby
Advanced Eco-Certified - Green Travel Leader
Advanced Eco-Certified - Eclectus Parrot