Wildlife Care Centre

The Wildlife Habitat Care Centre is a community service to provide assistance to sick, orphaned and injured wildlife. Over the years, the Wildlife Care Centre has seen a wide range of species of Port Douglas wildlife come through our doors, such as platypus, echidna, macropods, possums, crocodiles and a plethora of bird species.

Wildlife Habitat responds to quite a large number of different wildlife requests – from snake call outs for removal and relocation, returning raptor chicks too young to fledge, an echidna puggle stuck in an outside bathtub or on one occasion even having a concerned member of the public break through a concrete slab because they thought a baby crocodile was stuck underneath…. which turned out to be a common green tree frog. Our keepers have seen some interesting things!

Animals requiring veterinary treatment are sent for specialist care, as are some particular species with unique individual care needs. Many displaced young chicks and marsupials are raised here on site and released back into the area they were originally found.

The cost of running the Wildlife Care Centre including wages, food, medication, transport and veterinary care costs us in excess of $50,000 per year. This is a service the Wildlife Habitat offers to the community without any additional funding from government or the like.

Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat - Musky rat kangaroo

Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat - Crocodile brought into care at Wildlife Care Centre in Port Douglas

Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat - Varied Triller receiving treatment at Wildlife Habitat Care Centre

baby sugar gliders at wildlife habitat port douglas care centre