National Volunteer Week 2019: Beach Clean Up

Not all super heroes wear capes! National Volunteer Week 2019 celebrates Australia’s volunteers that give up their time to make the world just that little bit lovelier.

Wildlife Habitat’s volunteers have the eco power of Captain Planet and Captain Eco Combined! On Saturday, they took their skills out of the park and onto a stunning local beach.

To help enhance the famous beauty of our local area, our Wildlife Habitat volunteers took part in a beach clean-up.

Our volunteers, which hail from every corner of the globe headed to Palm Fringed Cooya Beach to show that litter and beach debris who’s boss!

Volunteers “seas” the day at beach clean up

On Saturday, our volunteers truly gave back to the local community by picking up litter from the sandy banks of Cooya Beach. Our beaches are the bridges to our oceans and beach clean-ups are an integral part of keeping our oceans clean and keeping the precious marine life of the Great Barrier Reef safe. Consequently, this helps our local tourism economy by beautifying our world-renowned natural environment.

After a morning of combing the beach for litter and debris, our volunteers has several jam-packed litter bags. Most common litter items found on the beach were bottles, cans, fishing line and plastic bags, all of which cause a major threat to iconic Australian animals, including sea turtles, fish and birds.

This volunteer excursion was the first of many. Wildlife Habitat has recently received a permit that allows our volunteers to go on field trips outside of the park for community betterment and beautification. The result? A more beautiful local area and more giving back to the community!

National Volunteer Week 2019: What Is It?

  • National volunteer week is a celebration of the awesome volunteers of Australia.
  • It runs from 20th to the 26th of May 2019.
  • This years theme is “making a world of difference”.

Wildlife Habitat’s National Volunteer Week 2019

Our volunteers will spend the majority of national volunteer week 2019 doing what truly melts their hearts; caring for our Aussie animals! The volunteers work closely alongside our wildlife keepers in all aspects of their daily roles.

Animal-loving volunteers from all around the world enjoy making an important contribution to the conservation and care of Australian wildlife. This experience provides more than a cheeky insight into the life of a zoo keeper, our volunteers witness the rehabilitation of rescued and injured animals and play a core role in promoting conservation and eco tourism.

Volunteer, Millie Mirah Seiersen with our striped possum

Mille Mirah Seiersen, from Denmark, is loving her work as a Wildlife Habitat Volunteer.

She says:

“I think it is a very rewarding experience. I feel like I helped the conservation of the Australian native wildlife in a positive way. I learned a lot from the keepers, and they will do what they can to make your experience the best possible. My favorite part of this experience was getting to know the animals and their personalities. When they are happy, you know that you did good and that feeling is the most rewarding thing I got out of this experience.”

Here’s to raising a toast for our volunteers! Happy National Volunteer Week 2019!



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