Rainforest Habitat

Discover the stunning rainforest, from the ground levels to the uppermost canopy in our newly renovated Rainforest Habitat.

Opened in September 2020, this incredible exhibit is home to some the most colourful residents of our tropical region, including the endangered Southern Cassowary, the stunning Eclectus Parrot and the mesmerising Rainbow Lorikeet.

Explore the various levels of the rainforest as you walk up the brand new Licuala Tower. Brave the sky-high birdseye bridge and watch colourful birds soar through the highest level of the rainforest canopy.

See the endangered Southern Cassowary, with its vivid blue neck, vibrant red wattles, and striking black feathers. This species is endemic to Tropical North Queensland and inhabits the Wet Tropics region, and World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest.

Licuala Tower

licuala tower wildlife habitat port douglas

Brand new for September 2020, the Licuala Tower allows you to climb through the various levels of the rainforest canopy and watch our colourful, free-flying birds soar around our rainforest aviary.

Birdseye Bridge

birdseye bridge wildlife habitat port douglas

Walk among the tree tops on our new birdseye bridge! Look down through the various levels of the rainforest and enjoy sweeping, birdseye views of our rainforest habitat and the wildlife that lives there.

Cassowary Walk

Learn about the pivotal role the world’s third largest bird and locally endangered species plays in the preservation of the Daintree Rainforest. Meet Cass and Airlie, our resident cassowaries. Admire these magnificent birds as you wander the Cassowary Walk and through the Rainforest Habitat.