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Welcome to the Wildlife Habitat Care Centre donation page. Thank you for sharing our belief that all native animals deserve care. This is a great opportunity for you to make a difference to their rehabilitation by making a one off donation, a regular monthly instalment, or by purchasing a eucalypt tree for Koala food.

As well as looking after our park animals if they require, our onsite Care Centre receives local native sick, injured or orphaned animals. We assist in their medication, veterinary requirements, rehabilitation, and wild release.

Your donation will assist where it counts – contributing to medical supplies, specialised rehabilitation housing, heat lamps, air conditioning, staffing, training, vet services and animal ambulance transport.

If you prefer, you can contribute to our koala cause. Purchase a eucalypt tree for our local Koala plantation, and help grow the unique food supply for these fussy eaters! 

One of our great success stories is the one of James, Jabbie and their family. Here at Wildlife Habitat we currently have the WORLDS only successful breeding program of these birds in captivity. Storks have a dating ritual not dissimilar to our own. They have to meet, like each other, go on dates and then decide to commit to a future together, so it’s pretty important they get along.

Jabbie was wild born and rescued as a malnourished juvenile and James was also a rescued wild born, and offered to us on breeding loan from Australia zoo. The rest, as they say, is history, as they have gone on to have 18 offspring. They both share the parenting duties equally between them, and like most parents, kick the kids out of home when they are old enough. Their chicks have been sent out far and wide, with some relocating to South Australia, New South Wales and Southern Queensland. 

We try to help the environment where we can, so where we are able, we will send parts of your care package on line, thus not only helping our animals, but minimising the impact on our environment too.

All animal adoptions are valid for a 12 month period from date of purchase. You can choose to renew after this time if you wish to continue your valued support. Adoption payments can only be made with a single payment.

For Wetlands, Rainforest and Planet earth adoptees, the upgrade component of the park ticket of food and beverage or a personalised tour is valid for day of initial entry only. The Entry component of the ticket is valid for the following 4 consecutive days. Tickets must be used within a 12 month period and cannot be rolled over or redeemed for cash. The entry for the amount of people allowed per ticket is directly associated with the amount of people allowed in the adoption package purchased. Animal adoption monies, are non-refundable and non-transferable to other persons.

If you would like to contribute an amount greater than what is available on the website, or offer a corporate adoption, please contact us directly for assistance.

Sybella Salter

Assistant Manager


P: +61 7 40 99 32 35

While most of our animals available for adoption are usually on display at the park (even the nocturnal ones at the right time!), not all are available for interaction. Adopting an animal does not guarantee the opportunity to see, meet, or interact with them when you visit the park.

There may be occasions where animals maybe off display due to breeding programs, health checks, or unforeseen circumstances. Therefore animal availability is subject to change.

Some adoption levels have tours that require reservations. These must be pre booked to avoid disappointment and are subject availability and advance notice. Please advise staff at the time of booking of your adopted animal. Age, group size and animal restrictions apply. Some adoption animals are available for handling, although conditions apply. Due to health and safety restrictions, Saltwater Crocodiles are not available for interaction. With notice, and subject to availability, reserved seating may be organised for the Croc show, however this is not guaranteed.

While every effort is undertaken to ensure the health and wellbeing of your adopted animal, there may be occasions where, due to age, act of god or unforeseen circumstances, your animal may pass away. In this instance, a mutually agreed upon substitute animal may take the place of the original adopted animal.

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery by mail of your care package where applicable.

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