10 Amazing Reptile Facts

Think you know everything there is to know about reptiles!? Think again! Our cold blooded friends have many peculiarities about them, which make them so unique. Here are 10 amazing things you didn’t know about Aussie reptiles. 1. Australia is home to about 14% of the world’s reptilian population That is a total of 869 […]

Endangered Mahogany Glider Joey Born

Wildlife Habitat is tickled pink, or mahogany should we say, to welcome an endangered Mahogany Glider joey. If that alone doesn’t have you jumping for jo-ey, the mini marsupial also marks a major win in native wildlife conservation. Incredibly, the joey is the first one born successfully in captivity in two years. At Wildlife Habitat, […]

TARC Patient Of The Month

Locally owned and operated by the CaPTA Group, the Wildlife Habitat is committed to the conservation of native species via the Tropical Animal Rehabilitation Centre, a non-profit facility that cares for sick, injured, displaced or orphaned native Australian Wildlife. In addition to your visit to the wildlife park, you can go behind the scenes and […]

What To Do When You Find A Baby Bird

Wondering what to do when you find a baby bird? Here’s what to do. There are debates that will stand the test of time like does pineapple really belong on pizza? Or which Hemsworth is dreamier; Chris or Liam? But one thing everyone can agree on is that the baby versions of animals are easily […]

10 School Holiday Activities in Port Douglas

Looking for school holiday activities in Port Douglas? It’s time to say goodbye to whines of “I’m bored”, Port Douglas offers a smorgasbord of school holiday activities that will entertain even the most hard-to-impress little ones. It’s time to put down the I Pads and get out in the great outdoors and have some fun […]

Striped Possum: 10 Incredible Facts

The Striped Possum (Dactylopsila trivirgata) has to be one of Tropic North Queensland’s most adorable nocturnal critters. With a signature black and white striped pattern and a distinct bushy tail, this skunk-like possum is a must-see for any Marsupial lover. Today we share ten incredible facts about the adorable striped possum. 1. The Striped Possum […]

Elvis the Red Tailed Black Cockatoo

It’s not every day that you meet a rock star! Meet Elvis the Red Tailed Black Cockatoo, Wildlife Habitat’s resident cele-bird-ty!  About Elvis the Red Tailed Black Cockatoo Elvis was born around 1980 and shot to fame 8 years later in Brisbane at the World Expo in 1988. This event attracted more than 15,760,000 visitors! […]

National Volunteer Week 2019: Beach Clean Up

Not all super heroes wear capes! National Volunteer Week 2019 celebrates Australia’s volunteers that give up their time to make the world just that little bit lovelier. Wildlife Habitat’s volunteers have the eco power of Captain Planet and Captain Eco Combined! On Saturday, they took their skills out of the park and onto a stunning […]

Wildlife Habitat Launches Opportunity To Adopt Animals

To Adopt An Animal online today, visit our adoption page!   Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas is now giving animal lovers the chance to adopt their favourite Australian animals through an initiative called “Habitat Heroes”. When you adopt an animal, you will be helping Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas preserve some of the most endangered and vulnerable […]

New Home for Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo

Colin, our Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo has a brand new home! This enclosure is much more stimulating than his previous one. There are natural vines and trees for him to make his way through and platforms for feeding and sleeping on a various levels. Although Colin is in his own enclosure, he is still part of […]