About Us

Wildlife Habitat is a Queensland wildlife park with an ethos of observation, appreciation, conservation.

It is part of the CaPTA Group, which stands for for Cairns and Port Trips and Attractions and employs over 200 staff across the group.

The group consists of Wildlife Habitat, Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome, Jungle Tours & Trekking, Tropic Wings Cairns Tours & Charters, Rainforestation Nature Park, Australian Butterfly Sanctuary, Wooroonooran Safaris, Careers Training Centre and ABC Sales & Maintenance.

While CaPTA’s business focus is centred around tourism products, the group has expanded into tourism and indigenous training through the Careers Training Centre and more recently into Yutong coach sales, maintenance, service and parts through ABC Sales & Maintenance.

The Wildlife Habitat was opened to the public as a bird and butterfly sanctuary in June 1989 and was originally called the Rainforest Habitat.  The Rainforest Habitat was purchased by Charles and Pip Woodward on 1 October 1 2005 and renamed as the Wildlife Habitat and continues its commitment to animal conservation, providing joy to locals and visitors to our region and proving itself to be a leading Queensland wildlife park.


Mission Statement

“We promise to CaPTAv8 the world with exceptional service and memorable moments!”

Vision Statement

To provide a world class immersive wildlife experience that inspires conservation through memorable moments.


Queensland Wildlife Park - Wildlife Habitat Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo