Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I have a photo taken with the wildlife?
A: Our Feature Creatures and Koala photo times are 10am and 1pm

Due to animal welfare please be aware there are size restrictions for holding koalas. Photos are taken in the park at The Hut.

Q: Can I purchase a koala/wildlife photo without entry?
A: You have to purchase admission to access our souvenir photo area.

Q: Can I bring in my own food and drinks to the Wildlife Habitat?
A: No food of any kind is allowed in the Wildlife Habitat due to our food and safety regulations. However, you may bring drink bottles. Food and drinks can be purchased from the Curlew Café.

Q: Do you offer birthday parties?
A: Yes, please email to obtain details of the different group options.

Q: Can I hold a Koala?
A: Yes you can hold a koala during the designated session times. See tours and presentations

Q: Is there wheelchair access?
A: yes there is to all areas with exception to the upper level of the Stork tower within the Wetlands Habitat.

Q: Where should I take an injured animal?
A: If you already have the animal please take directly to the reception and you will be asked to fill out an information form regarding the reason for the animals rescue. Animals should not be taken direct to the Wildlife section due to our strict quarantine procedures. If you have not collected the animal yet, please contact Wildlife Habitat or your local carer network to consult with an expert.

Q: Can I dine in the Café without paying for admission?
A: You must purchase admission to the park as the Café is located centrally, which is what makes it so special.

Q: What is included if I have a CaPTA Group Annual Pass?
A: Your CaPTA Group Annual Pass is valid for Wildlife Habitat admission which includes the daily scheduled free tours and presentations.