Feature Creature Photos

Feature Creature Photos

Wildlife & Koala Photos

Why not try snapping a photo with some of Australia's most iconic creatures? Blue Tongue Lizards, Koalas, Cockatoos, and Papuan Frogmouths are just a few examples of the amazing animals you can find in Australia. And what better way to remember your encounter with these incredible creatures than by capturing a photo?

At Wildlife Habitat, we offer the opportunity to take photos with these animals in a safe and controlled environment. Our experienced guides will introduce you to the animals and provide you with valuable information about their habitats, behaviours, and diet. You'll have the chance to get up close and personal with these creatures, and our guides will ensure that you have the best possible experience while prioritizing the well-being of the animals.

Koala & Wildlife Photos

Additional Information

The cost of the photo includes a 6×8 print and the ability to email a digital copy to yourself to share with your friends and family on social media.

6×9 Koala Holding Photo           $33
6×9 Koala Perch Photo              $25               
6×9 Reptile/Bird Holding Photo  $25    

2 Photo Package (Koala Holding + Reptile, 6×8)          $51 
3 Photo Package (Koala Holding + 2 Reptiles, 6×8)     $69