Habitat Heroes – Adopt an Animal

Here at the Wildlife Habitat, we are all about the natives!

Our focus is native animals endemic to the far northern region of Australia. From this Wet Tropics area comes some of the country’s most endangered and vulnerable species. When you adopt an animal and become a Habitat Hero, you will not only be helping your sponsored animal, you will also be helping us to assist with efforts to protect these native species.

When you adopt an animal, your contribution will also assist us with

  • Threatened species breeding programs
  • Animal husbandry
  • Food & exhibit maintenance
  • Vet requirements
  • Rehabilitation of native animals brought to our onsite Wildlife Care Centre.

Our Wildlife Care Centre is funded by the generosity of The Woodward Family CaPTA Group and from donations from people like you. We take in sick, injured and orphaned native animals found in the surrounding community and brought to us by concerned citizens. We assist in the rehabilitation, veterinary provision and wild release of these animals.

For full Terms & Conditions for the Habitat Heroes program, please click here.

Sponsorship Options

When you adopt an animal, your sponsorship is valid for 12 months from the commencement of the sponsorship.

You’ll receive your Care Package in the mail shortly after signing up to your sponsorship, or you can arrange to collect from Wildlife Habitat on your next visit!