CROCARENA: Home of the Swim With The Salties experience

The CrocArena grandstand is a fully covered all weather area. With seating for around 300 people, it allows for clear elevated viewing of the CrocArena pools, Swim With The Salties enclosure and main presentation platform. Also featuring a unique underwater viewing space, CrocArena allows park visitors an opportunity to witness crocs from the perspective of potential prey and stay dry at the same time! General Park admission price includes entry to CrocArena stadium and all daily park presentations. Swim With The Salties experience is an additional cost.

CrocArena in now open for the general public to enjoy!

Swim With The Salties

Dive into the aquatic territory of the mighty Estuarine Crocodile at Wildlife Habitat’s CrocArena. This off-the-scale opportunity to swim with saltwater crocodiles is the only one of its kind in Queensland and allows park visitors to swim eye-to-teeth with these terrifying apex predators and live to tell the tale!

CrocArena is home to the spine-tingling Swim With The Salties experience. Swim just centimetres away from these man-eating beasts and engage in the most terrifying experience that comes from watching these apex predators bone crushing jaws snap close, and marvel at the sheer power and size of these giant reptiles.

Our Swim With The Salties crocs; Big Al and Ton – fresh from Australia Zoo, are not for the feint hearted. With an average size of just over 4.5 meters (and still growing!) and weighing in at around 350 – 400 kilograms each, these boys are beasts.

The #BeTheCrocBait swim pool provides 180-degree clear underwater viewing of our huge crocs at a depth of 2.3 meters. Be in awe, as these massive beasts display natural predatory behaviours, while our keepers are above you, tempting the crocs tastebuds.

There is a change-room at the venue for swimmer’s easy access. Mask and snorkel are provided. Best practice hygiene procedures are in place to ensure the health and safety of swimmers and our crocs.



Single Swimmer – exclusive use – $199.00* per swim

Couple Swim – exclusive use – $299.00* – per swim

*Peak and off-peak pricing applies/ Entry included in package price – see terms and conditions.

*Photo packages available at additional cost.

Swim With The Salties price includes entry into Wildlife Habitat as well as 5 days re-entry into the park.



Swim sessions are exclusive. Maximum 2 people per swim time*.

*Minimum age restrictions apply – See terms and conditions



45 minutes for entire experience. Time in water approximately 10 minutes, although this may vary with each swim.

*Participants will be required to undergo a safety briefing – see terms and conditions



10:00am, 10:45am*, 11:30am**, 12:45pm, 13:30pm

*For 10:45am and 11:30am time slots, please call to book (no online bookings currently available for these times).

**Session includes main presentation feed



At reception 45 minutes prior to your swim time for check in.



Comfortable and easy wear shoes. Hat, towel and swim wear*

*We recommend wearing your swim wear under your clothes before you arrive for the day to maximise your swim time.



A fitness and safety waiver will be required to be signed prior to undertaking the experience.

Guests will not be permitted to take their own photographic device on the experience.

*See terms and conditions.




The Official Opening of CrocArena




Bookings now open!