Nocturnal Habitat

Ever wondered what animals come alive after dark? The brand new Nocturnal Habitat allows you to enter a world after dark and explore recreated night environments and meet the animals that call them home.

Integrated with advanced technology, this unique habitat replicates nature at night. Our animals experience a reverse-circadian rhythm due to incredible lighting devices, which makes them experience “night time” during our “daytime”. This means that we can see what these animals really get up to at their most active!

Under a makeshift star-dotted sky, get up close and personal with elusive and exciting animal species including Striped Possums, Bettongs and Mahogany Gliders.

Enter a world after dark and see tiny nocturnal marsupials including Spinifex Hopping Mice and Feathertail Gliders. Listen to the haunting cry of the Curlew and experience a night time rainforest environment in a safe and secure manner.

Brand new for September 2019, the Nocturnal Habitat is certainly an experience not to be kept in the dark about!