The Savannah is an open-air exhibit that portrays both inland and coastal plains. Here guests are enticed to interact with and hand-feed a range of macropods from the statuesque Eastern Grey Kangaroo to the petite Parma Wallaby. Emus and Pelicans also freely range this large and open area. A feature to our Savannah Exhibit is the Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo, a rare tree-climbing kangaroo found only in the rainforests of The Wet Tropics.

The billabong is home to turtles, frogs and a range of waterfowl while also attracting a host of native bird varieties. Over forty species have been recorded utilising the exhibit as a refuge for breeding.

The Savannah is also home to our Predator Plank, the world’s first plank walk over giant Estuarine Crocodiles! Guests can see Babinda, our giant Estuarine crocodile and his three girlfriends.

Wallaby Walk

hand feeding kangaroos wildlife habitat port douglas

Follow the wallaby walk to meet our resident kangaroos and wallabies. Purchase Roo Food from the reception or café for the opportunity to hand-feed. Please note during the warmer months, our kangaroos and wallabies will be most active in the early morning and late afternoon.

Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroos

lumholtzs tree kangaroo wildlife habitat port douglas

See the endangered Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroo, which is endemic to the rainforests of Tropical North Queensland.

Predator Plank

predator plank wildlife habitat port douglas

This is the final tour of the day and provides you with an entertaining and educational talk about the pelicans while encouraging their involvement with treats. Bring your camera especially if you are a keen photographer of wildlife, and don’t forget your Roo Food from Reception, as this is the time when our kangaroos and wallabies are most active.