Our Predator Plank Is Officially Open!

Shiver me timbers…. the Predator Plank is here!

Get ready for a jaw dropping (or should we say snapping) experience; the world’s first Predator Plank has officially opened at Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat!

Wednesday 19th September saw the very first person brave the plank, as a four metre male Saltie and his three girlfriends swarmed below in the murky waters. All we can say is… “its time to walk the plank!”

walking over salt water crocodiles at the predator plank at port douglas wildlife habitat

The world’s first plank walk over crocodile filled waters offers a wildlife experience with an adrenaline-filled edge. The slightly shaky plank allows you to get up close and personal with one of nature’s fiercest apex predators.

Inhabitants include the terrifying 4.2 metre male Babinda, who was found lurking close to a boat ramp at Babinda back in 2004. This giant predator has been treated to three girlfriends who share his swampy habitat, which pretty much makes him Port Douglas’s answer to Hugh Hefner!

The Predator Plank Official Opening

the predator plank is officially opened by ben woodward and wendy morris

The Predator Plank was opened by Wendy Morris from TTNQ, who is also the daughter of one of the original owners of Wildlife Habitat.

After Ben Woodward of the CaPTA group and Wendy Morris cut the ribbon and declared the Predator Plank open, Wendy was the first ever person to brave the Predator Plank.

wendy morris is the first person to walk the predator plank at port douglas wildlife habitat

Wendy Morris: it’s time to walk the plank!

Guests were then treated to the ultimate croc feeding and our big boy Babinda certainly put on a show!

We can’t exactly read Babinda’s mind, but we imagine he is thinking: “Feed me now and make it snappy!”

feeding babinda the estaurine crocodile at wildlife habitat port douglas

Wildlife Habitat’s assistant manager Sybella Salter, is looking forward to seeing guests’ reactions when they experience the new attraction:

“The new predator plank and boardwalk precinct gives our guests a chance to get close to these amazing creatures in a natural environment” she said


Are you ready to walk the plank? It’s included with entry to Wildlife Habitat. Book now!


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