Savannah Wallaby Walk

Savannah Wildlife Wallabies

Renowned to the Australian wildlife, are the iconic Kangaroos and Wallabies. At the Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, we are lucky to have a large population of macropods that reside in the Savannah exhibit.

The Savannah is an open-air exhibit that was designed to replicate both inland and coastal plains within Australia. This exhibit is also designed to provide our guests with the ability to interact with these animals, however also allow these friendly creatures to return to their resting areas. At 11:15 and 4:00pm daily, our experienced Wildlife keepers conduct tours and presentations through the Savannah exhibit. Throughout these tours, the Wildlife keepers provide learning experiences on a number of different animals, and are open for any questions our guests may have. Throughout these tours, you can interact and feed any of the animals with Roo Food that can be purchased from the front reception or café.

If you are wandering throughout this exhibit without a guided tour, there are a few things you should know! First off, during the hotter months of the year, our kangaroos and wallabies really feel the heat, and are only active during certain parts of the day. For the best experience, try and interact with them during the morning or late afternoon. During the day, you can witness these remarkable animals communicating with each other and sleeping in the shade. Secondly, as you walk through the exhibit you will see a walking track that weaves throughout the exhibit and returns to the entrance and exit. Following this path allows guests to have the best interactions and also allows the animals to walk to path when they wanted to be interacted with.

Visit Us and Experience the Wallaby Walk in the Savannah Way

Kangaroos and wallabies are iconic to Australia, and a must see for both tourists and locals. The Wildlife Habitat is the perfect location for you and your family to immerse yourself with wildlife and enjoy a educational experience. Contact us now for more information of book now!