Two massive crocodiles have been successfully delivered to Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas from Australia Zoo, in preparation for the official opening of CrocArena next month. Now in its final stages of construction, CrocArena will host an opening event on Friday 20th August. Wildlife Habitat Wildlife Manager Rabecca Lynch said the move from Australia Zoo has been in the planning for over 6 months, and was executed perfectly to plan. “It has been a massive process moving huge Crocodiles 1,700km across Queensland,” she said. “The Wildlife Habitat and Australia Zoo croc […]


It’s nearly time to catch a crocodile smile at Australia’s leading wildlife experience, Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, as their CrocArena attraction with its “Swim with the Salties” experience nears completion.   Only months away, the highly anticipated Queensland first will allow guests, if they dare, the chance to be submerged right into the croc’s kill zone.   The heart–stopping attraction will allow guests to “Swim With The Salties” with only a sheet of perspex separating them from these modern-day dinosaurs with killer instincts.   CrocArena is […]


Three of the planet’s deadliest predators will be making a splash at Australia’s leading wildlife experience, Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, as part of their thrilling brand new CrocArena with its “Swim with the Salties” experience.   In the coming weeks, the ‘snappy’ new arrivals will be making their way to Wildlife Habitat from the Irwin’s world-famous Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast.  The wildlife park […]

#HolidayHereThisYear – and try out our new attraction

While half of Europe is still in lockdown, we in Australia are lucky enough to be able to travel within our own backyard. And as our country is a whole continent, we have lots of places to explore! To make tourism more exciting, we at The CaPTA Group have been thinking about innovative and fun […]

Endangered Mahogany Glider Joey Born

Wildlife Habitat is tickled pink, or mahogany should we say, to welcome an endangered Mahogany Glider joey. If that alone doesn’t have you jumping for jo-ey, the mini marsupial also marks a major win in native wildlife conservation. Incredibly, the joey is the first one born successfully in captivity in two years. At Wildlife Habitat, […]

TARC Patient Of The Month

Locally owned and operated by the CaPTA Group, the Wildlife Habitat is committed to the conservation of native species via the Tropical Animal Rehabilitation Centre, a non-profit facility that cares for sick, injured, displaced or orphaned native Australian Wildlife. In addition to your visit to the wildlife park, you can go behind the scenes and […]

Nocturnal Habitat Opening Soon At Wildlife Habitat

  Ever wondered what things go jump in the night? Wildlife Habitat’s new Nocturnal Habitat shows animals that come alive after dark. Set under a starry night sky, enter a world of darkness and explore three unique nocturnal environments; Woodlands, Rainforest and Outback. Witness nocturnal critters in their recreated night environments and get up close […]

Pathway of Pythons: New Snake Attraction!

Ready to get up close to some unique, giant and sssstunning snakes? Slither on down to Wildlife Habitat and check out our brand new Pathway of Pythons. This stunning new snake attraction is truly off the scale, with new slithery residents including Jungle, Olive, Amethystine, Water and Black Headed Pythons. Life is short and the […]

National Volunteer Week 2019: Beach Clean Up

Not all super heroes wear capes! National Volunteer Week 2019 celebrates Australia’s volunteers that give up their time to make the world just that little bit lovelier. Wildlife Habitat’s volunteers have the eco power of Captain Planet and Captain Eco Combined! On Saturday, they took their skills out of the park and onto a stunning […]

Wildlife Safe After Sunday Weather Event

A clean up is underway at Australia’s leading wildlife experience, Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas, following the impact of ex-cyclone Owen on the Tropical North over the weekend. Wildlife Manager Rabecca Lynch said thankfully no wildlife had been harmed during the storm. “As we continue our clean up, we are working closely with Bio-security Queensland and […]